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Google Adsense is a program that let's you to earn money from your website's traffic.
Your adsense earnings depend on 3 factors:

  1. How many Impressions your page gets. This one should not be confused with Page views. (explained below in details)
  2. CTR stands for click through rate. It's basically how many percent of ads being clicked.
  3. Cost per Click - this one depends on many factors itself. Usually it's around 0.2 - 2$ per click.

Formula for Earnings is : (Impressions) x (CTR) x (Cost per Click)

What's difference between Page views and Impressions?
Impressions are ads being served in a page. Each page can have multiple ads placed.

Impressions are less than or more than Page views?
There are 3 outcomes:

  • Impressions are equal to Page views. Each page has 1 ads and 100% of ads being served.
  • Impressions are more than Page views.
    • Each page has 2 or more ads running and percentage of ads being served is more than 50%.
    • If you have 100 page views and 2 ads running on them and let's say 70% ads being served, then Impressions will be 140 using formula: Impressions = (Page views) x (Number of ads running) x (Ad serve percentage)
  • Impressions are less than Page views. This can be when 1 page has 1 ad running and ad serve percentage is less than 100%, or 2 ads running and serve percentage is less than 50%.. etc.

What's cost per click and what factors affect it?
Some of important factors are:

  1. What content does webpage has: is it article, gaming website or software?
    Generally considered gaming websites earn less, medicine, law, financiale websites earn more.
  2. What country user is coming from?
    For example, average United States user's cost per click can be around 1.5$ when Australians can be higher 2$ or 3$. Some countries can have cost per click as low as 0.01$ - 1 cents.
  3. Which device is being used by user: mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer?
  4. What interests user has?
    As you know each time we search something on the websites - websites add cookies to track our interests and purchases and show us advertisements based on that.

What's RPM and Impression RPM?
RPM stands for Revenue per mille (mille- thousand in Latin). It's basically how much your earn per page view or impression. There are 2 kind of RPM for Google AdSense.

  1. Page RPM is = (Estimated revenue / Page views) х 1000
  2. Impression RPM is = (Estimated revenue / Impressions) х 1000