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We often ask: "What is the weight of a watermelon?" and answer we get in kilograms or pounds, we are not even thinking that weight and mass are different concepts.

So, what's the difference between weight and mass?

Weight is the force acting to body by another object (for example earth). The reason of this force is gravitation. Weight is measure in Newtons.

In the weightlessness condition, like in open space, the weight of the body will be zero, but it's mass will not change, whether it's in space or on Earth.

In everyday life, people are often using term weight for mass.

The definition of mass would be: it's the property of object that defines the quantity of matter in that object.

What units are used to calculate mass?

Weight is the one of seven of measurements included in the base units or the quantities of the International system or units, SI SI (FR. Le Système International d Unités, SI).

In the SI brochure, the International Bureau of weights and measures (France) as a standard of measurement of weight is taken kilogram.

Mass is measure using a scale

Which units of mass measurement are the most popular?

Most countries use the metric system, which refers to familiar units: carat, gram, kilogram, tonne, hundredweight.

Carat is "jewelry" unit of mass. Most often used in jewelry to determine the weight of material in the product. Equal to 0.2 grams.

Other widely used units in everyday life are the following:

1 tonne = 10 hundredweight = 1000kg = 1 000 000gram

In addition to the metric, there is English (us), which is still used by some countries (USA, Myanmar, Liberia).

Weight in English system is measured in pounds, ounces, stones.

pound = 0,453 kg, ounces = 0.0283495kg или 28 гр, stone = 6,350 kg

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