Length Converter  Length Converter


What is the length and how it is measured?

Length is the distance between two points. It's similar to height, with only difference - the length is measured horizontally, the height vertically.

Length is one the main variables of measurement used by International system of units, SI (FR. Le Système International d Unités, SI).

In the brochure of SI (Internatioanl Bureau of weights and measures) meter has taken as a standard unit of length measurement.

The meter is the length that light travels in vacuum for 1 / 299 792 458 seconds. In addition to meters some countries use their own system of measurement - miles, feet, inches, yard etc.

For measuring often used a ruler, tape measure, calipers, altimeter, DME, microscope and navigation system. By the way, in astronomy the distance is calculated in light years.

What units of length there is in the metric system?

Converter at the top converts some of the most popular units of length, that's standart for the most countries like, kilometer, meter, centimeter, millimeter.

1km = 1 000m = 100 000cm = 1 000 000mm = 1 000 000 000mkm

What units of length are there in English/American measurement system?

English system of measures is another system, nowadays only used in USA, Myanmar and Liberia.

In this system there are two subsystems.

Both of subsystems have common units of lenght: feet, nautical miles, miles, cables, but they have a little bit different values.

Over the time United Kingdom adopted the metric system of units.

With this converter, you can have an idea how many kilometers to the nearest village in US, if you are gives miles, feet or yards.

1 mile = 5 280 foot = 1 760 yards = 63 360 inches = 1.609344km = 1 609.344m