Area Converter  Area Converter


The questions like: "What's the area of something?", "And how many squares is the room?" we hear constantly in daily life.

What is the area? How to measure area?

The area is the numerical (quantitative) characteristic that indicates the size of geometric figures in the plane.

Most often, the area is measured in square units and denoted by the letter S. But units can be metric: square millimeter, square meter, hectare and non-metric (English /American system of measures): acre, square foot, square yard, square inch.

In the SI brochure (FR. Le Système International d Unités, SI) the International Bureau of weights and measures (France) as a standard measure of the square taken square meter (m²): 1m x 1m =1m².

You can calculate the area of different shapes: polygons, circles, cylinders, cones, spheres. There is specific formula for each shape.

It's quite difficult to convert area from one unit to another.

  • 1cm² = 100mm²
  • 1m² = 10 000см²
  • 1km² = 1 000 000m²
  • 1foot² = 144 inch²
  • 1yard² = 9 foot²
  • 1mile² = 3 097 600 yard²
  • 1inch² = 6.4516cm²
  • 1foot² = 0.09290304m²
  • 1mile² = 2.589988110336km²

With converter above you can just unit given in the corresponding cell and it will instantly get value in other eight area units.