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We are using terms like the volume of fluids, the volume of solid bodies in our everyday life.

What is the volume? What units of volume are there?

Volume is a quantitive characteristic that shows the the capacity in three dimension space that can be filled with substances in a solid, liquid or gaseous state.

In addition, volume can be measured for a empty container, for example we say the volume of empty bottle is 1 liter even there isn't any substance in it.

The standard unit of volume measurement in the metric systme (SI) is taken cubic meter - 1m³. That's the volume of cube with rib length 1m in three-dimensional space: 1m x 1m x 1m = 1m³

But classical unit of liquid volume is considered to be a liter.

Also other are other units. So, in the metric system to measure the volume of solids popular cubic centimeters, cubic decimeters, for liquids, liter, milliliter, for bulk products, a tea spoon, glass (though they are usually measured by weight).

(American/ English) measure systems have their traditional units. For solids - cubic inch, cubic lb for liquids - fluid ounce, pint, gallon, quart, barrel.

How can I calculate the volume?

The volume denoted by the letter V. To calculate the volume of geometric shapes use mathematical formulas.
for Example, the volume of a cube can be calculated as V = a³. - where "a" being length of one side of cube.

Also we can calculate a density (p) of bodies by dividing the mass by the density: V = m/p.

For bodies that not absorbing the water, you can use displacement.
For example, watermelon is placed into a graduated container, which is already some amount of of water (for example 2 liter). After placing watermelon into water we measure how the water level rose. The difference of water levels in the vessel before the watermelon and after of the watermelon will be the volume of watermelon.

1 liter = 1000 ml
1 liter = 0.001 m³
1 m³ = 1000000 cm³
1 gallon (usa) = 3.785 liter
1 pt (usa pinta)= 0.473 l
1 fl. oz (usa fluid ounce) = 29.57 ml
1 qt (usa quart) = 0.946 l
1 metric table spoon = 15 ml
1 metric tea spoon = 5 ml
1 metric glass = 250 ml

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