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What is temperature and how it can be measured?

Temperature is a physical unit to determine the heat in the body or matter.

Temperature is one of the seven basic quantities of measurement used by the International system of units, SI (fr. Le Système International d’Unités, SI).

In the International Bureau of weights and measures in France for the standard thermodynamic temperature adopted Kelvin(K) as main unit. However, in practice Celsius and Fahrenheit are widely used.

You will need a thermometer that's calibrated to determine the temperature in home.

What's unit of Celsius and where is it used?

The most commonly used unit of measurementfor temperature is the degree of Celsius (°C ).

Swedish scientist Alex Celsius in 1742 proposed his unit in which boiling point of water is 0° and freezing point is 100° under normal conditions (1 atmospheric pressure)

Later, Carl Linnaeus changed scale to the form that we use nowadays.

This scale is used by most of countries (except USA and few countries) in medicine, cooking, meteorology and other fields. Though Kelvin is mostly used in science.

0°С (Celsius) = 273,15 К (Kelvin)
0°С (Celsius) = 32°F (Fahrenheit)

You can use calculator above to convert Fahrenheit and Kelvin to Celsius or you can use formula below:

С = К−273,15
С= (F−32) /1,8

What's the scale of Fahrenheit and where is it used?

The German scientist Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1724 created a scale to measure temperature. The melting temperature of mixture of water and salt he marked as 0°, freezing point as 32°F and the boiling point of water 212°F. Such specific data were based on observations of scientist - from cold winter and heat of human body.

It's also worth to note that Fahrenheit created first accurate mercury thermometer. His scale of temperature was also first one widely used temperature scale in all English speaking countries and was used unitil the 1960th.

After the proposal of the International Bureau of weights and measures all of countries decided to move to a single metric system, only exceptions being USA, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, Belize, Micronesia and Palau which refused and using Fahrenheit to the present day in everyday life.

0°F (Fahrenheit) = 255,37 К (Kelvin)
0°F (Fahrenheit) = −17,78 °С (Celsius)

You can use Celsius and Kelvin to Fahrenheit converter at the top or calculate yourself using formula below

F= К*1,8 −459,67
F= C*1,8 +32

What's the temperature scale of Kelvin and where is it used ?

The temperature scale of Kelvin the only one in which we are not calling them degrees , but separate designed Kelvin(K) unit

In the International System of Units (SI) main measuring of temperature is an absolute thermodynamic temperature and it's unit is Kelvin (K). And there is a good reason for that.

In 1848 William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, developed a theory of "absolute zero temperature". At 0 K ( or -273.15 °С) every molecule stops moving and therefore stops spreading any heat. He set 273.15 K to be freezing of water, and boiling at 373.15 K with same interval as Celsius.

In thermodynamics this phenomenon is defined as the "triple point of water" - the state of equilibrium of the three main forms of water - gas, liquid and ice.

The scale of Kelvin is very useful for science because it has no negative values and it's very easy to calculate temperature difference.

This scale is also used to determine color temperature when using lightning (e.g. photos). It's proved that easy body depending on it's physical colour has it's color of temperatures being one of these: white, blue, yellow, bright red.

The scale has been also used to determine temperature noise.

As we can see, Kelvin scale rules if science is concerned.

0 K (Kelvin) = −459,67 °F (Fahrenheit)
0 K (Кельвина) = −273,15 °С (Celsius)

You can use converter at the top of this page to convert Celsius and Fahrenheit to Kelvin or use following formula:

0 К= (F+459,67) /1,8
0 К= C+273,15

How to use Temperature Converter ?

It's nothing complicated - simply input the temperature in the cell with desired scale you want convert from and get the equivalent temperature in the other two scales instantly