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Nowadays humanity is living in a very different pace than 100 years ago. Rushing, hurrying, still time is not enough.

Speed is everywhere in our lives - when we drive cars, fly in a plane, using subway, when we talk about supersonic speeds or speed of light etc.

What is the speed ?

From physics point of view, speed is a scalar characteristic of the motion of the body. Denoted by the letter v (from the Latin vēlōcitās).

Italian physicist Galileo Galilei was the first scientist who thought about measuring the speed of light.

What's the difference between speed and velocity ?

Velocity is a vector, but speed is scalar.

Velocity characterizes speed of something in a given direction.

Let's say that is following situation: A man moves very quickly, but each time step forward step backward. It has a speed, but zero velocity, because it's movement doesn't change position.

If the person begins to move in one direction, and moving further from starting point, we can calculate it's velocity, also we have to define it's direction ( east, west..etc)

Scalar speed (from everyday English. Speed) indicates how fast the object is moving, covering a distance with no specified direction.

With help of speed value we know how fast body is moving, faster it moves more distance it covers. For example speed of rocket is much faster than speed of plane. Transports usually includes devices that indicates the speed. (in the cars, the speedometer)

What units measure the speed?

In the measurement system SI, unit of velocity is m/s. Most commonly used in everyday life are : kilometer per hour, in England and United States - miles per hour, for sea and air transport knot unit is used.

The fastest speed known today is speed of light, which is in vacuum: 299 792 458 meter per second, approximately makes 1 079 000 000 kilometers per hour or 671 000 000 mile per hour.

1 m/s = 3,6 km/h
1 km/s = 1 m /3,6s
1 mile/h = 0,447 04 m/s or 1,609 344 km/h
1 knot = 0,514 444 m/s or 1,852 km/h
1 foot/s =0,3048 m/s or 1,097 28 km/h

It's possible to convert using these indicators in the converter above. You can enter input number in corresponding cell and it will output rates of speed for all units of speed in the converter.