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Do you want to know how much youtubers make? Actually it's quite easy to figure out. Estimates depend on 2 variables:

  1. How many daily page views your channel has?
  2. What is average RPM rate of your channel?

Formula to calculate your earning is basic: Earnings = Views / 1000 * RPM or you can use online calculator to find it out easily.

RPM stands for Revenue per mille. Mille means thousand in Latin. You can calculate your RPM based on earnings you have using formula below:
  RPM rate = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

There is many factors that affect your RPM. Most important factors are:

  1. Where are your users coming from? ( Country, Region, City etc.)
  2. What description you have in your video? Maybe you have some valued keywords.
  3. What interests your users have? When your viewer visits other websites or searches something on internet, some websites attach cookies to track what's he or she interested in and later showing advertisement based on that in Youtube.